Ultimate Enchant Flipping Profit Calculator


You can make really easy money by taking one enchanted book, crafting it into 16, and then selling said book. This is most productive with Ultimate Enchants, which are harder to get and use. You can only apply one of these special enchants to each item, so they are valued higher than others. They can also be incredibly difficult to obtain, leading to high costs and low volume. This makes them a prime candidate for flipping, since it is also a pain to craft them up for some users who choose to simply by a pre-crafted book at level 5.

How Does the Calculator Work?

The Ultimate Enchant Flipping Profit Calculator works by finding the cost of the T1 Ultimate Enchant on the Auction House, calculating the cost to upgrade it to tier 5, checking the sale price of the tier 5 books, and then calculating the profit from there. Some books can get really insane, so I also added an estimated volume tab so you can see that some books may take longer to sell than others, some even going into the days to weeks.

How to Use The Ultimate Enchant Calculator

First, click the button below to visit the Google Sheets page. You will need to press the blue ‘Make a Copy’ button, which should be relatively easy to do. Next you may need to enter your API key, but depending on the settings of this sheet you may not need to at all. I would also recommend you press the ‘Refresh Values’ button on the Home tab.

Make a Copy of the Ultimate Enchant Flipping Profit Calculator
Make A Copy Example

How to Make Money With the Calculator

Next you will want to visit one of two pages, the Books page or the Profit Calculator page. The Books page will show you which ultimate enchants will net you the most profit! This may be necessary if this is your first time doing anything with Ultimate Enchants.

Ultimate Enchant Profit Calculator Example
Books Page

Once you have chosen a book, or if you already had one in mind, click on the Profit Calculator tab (as seen below). Simply follow the instructions to fill in the required information, including the Book you want to flip, and it will give you a profit estimation. Good luck!

Ultimate Enchant Profit Calculator Page
Profit Calculator Page