The BEST Bazaar Flipping Tools for Hypixel Skyblock


These tools are some of the BEST ways to make TONS of profit using the Bazaar in Hypixel Skyblock! They are also completely FREE! The Bazaar is one of the BEST tools in Hypixel Skyblock to make money. It essentially acts as a stock market for the game, in which players control the price of items. This makes it very easy to see exactly what price everything has, as the information is all publicly available through the Hypixel API. Unfortunately, the Minecraft interface is very clunky and hard to read, so these tools have put it on the internet! Anyone can view the prices of items, without having to go through the hassle of booting up Minecraft and being limited to one screen at a time.

Bazaar Meta ( is a fantastic tool that helps you with everything you need for the Bazaar. It gives you the current best flips, but more importantly allows you to view a price graph of every single item. This not only shows you correlations between prices, updates, and mayors, but also includes the supply and demand for each item. It also helps with the best craft flips, NPC flips, and more. - the best bazaar tracker screenshot


BazaarNotifier is another INCREDIBLE mod that helps you in Hypixel Skyblock. It tells you the best flips, as well as their estimated profits. BazaarNotifier also tells you the status of your order, ranging from OUTDATED to MATCHED to BEST. More information can be found in this video.

If you want to install BazaarNotifier, it really isn’t that hard. All you need is the link: and a simple Forge installation. You will want to install it using this tutorial.