Hypixel Skyblock RNG Meter Calculator


This calculator finds the optimal item to set your RNG meter to and make progress towards! Some items are actually not that great in terms of xp to coins ratio, so this sheet will tell you the best one to set up.

To use the sheet you will want to visit this link: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1yQW59IoHpArmvBW5p6o5qv9G2q4UBJm9rUZenRpgv0c/edit?usp=sharing or click on the button below. You will then want to choose which RNG Meter you are using, and you can choose between the five slayers and the seven dungeon floors. (Some may not be working at the time of release, but they are coming soon!)

For more information, I encourage you to watch the video below!