Jerry Box Profit Calculator for Hypixel Skyblock


This Hypixel Skyblock calculator is called the Jerry Box Profit Calculator v1 by Tanker Man 3000. It is an interactive Google Spreadsheet that allows you to check for the most profitable Jerry Boxes, the Jerry Box that gives the most xp (for the cheapest price) and more! This is only ONE of the tools to help you make money with mayor jerry, so check those other tools out here!

Are Jerry Boxes Profitable?

As you can see in the image below, certain boxes can sometimes be profitable. Unfortunately it seems like right now none of the boxes will make you a net positive gain on your investment (unless you count leveling up skills.) The cheapest box in the image (taken from the Jerry Box Profit Calculator v1 on 5/25/22) is the Green Jerry Box, with a net cost of 23.5k.

Jerry Box Profit Calculator Spreadsheet Page 1
Values as of 5/25/2022, not up to date!

Which Jerry Box Gives Me the Most XP?

However, an interesting thing to see with that image above is how the Blue Jerry Box actually gives the best xp return on your investment. With the calculators provided value for the current cost of XP, it would cost about 3 BILLION COINS to get you from Foraging 22 to 50! That is quite expensive, but definitely worth it for some players.

Jerry Box XP Gain Calculator Page 2
Values as of 5/25/2022, not up to date!

How to Use The Jerry Box Profit Calculator – Make a Copy

To make a copy of the spreadsheet, simply follow this link or the download button below: Then click the blue “Make a Copy” button. (You may need to create a Google account if you by some mystifyingly small chance do not have one already).