Bits to Coins Calculator for Hypixel Skyblock


Booster Cookies are pretty much essential for Hypixel Skyblock. You buy a booster cookie from the Bazaar or community shop, consume it, and reap the benefits. It’s perks last for four days, and those perks are quite incredible. Booster Cookies give you:

  • +20% Skill XP
  • +15 Magic Find
  • Keep coins and effects on death
  • Ability to fly on your Private Island
  • Ability to use /auction (/ah), /bazaar (/bz), /etable (/et), and /anvil (/av)
  • Ability to sell items in the trade menu
  • Ability to AFK on your Private Island
  • Ability to toggle specific Potion effects

Those are quite the perks, but the most important has not even been mentioned yet: bits. Every 30 minutes you spend in Skyblock you can earn 250 bits * your bits multiplier, which really add up over time. You can spend these bits at the Community Shop, trading them for awesome exclusive items. You can then sell those items to the Auction House or Bazaar, turning your bits into coins. Thankfully, I have made a calculator that tells you exactly the best way to turn your bits into coins!

Which Item Gives The Most Coins per Bit? (Bits/Coin Ratio)

You can easily convert bits to coins by buying and selling items. But, which one is the best? To solve this issue I created a calculator that checks for the best ratio of bits/coins. You can view an image below as an example, but you will need to make a copy of the sheet to view the true version. (Keep reading to learn more.) You will want to look for the highest number which should be highlighted in green. (The colors of the bits/coins ratio depends on the value- the lowest ratios will be highlighted red, and the highest will be green.)

The BEST Bits to Coins Ratio for Hypixel Skyblock

Are Booster Cookies Profitable?

Booster Cookies CAN be profitable, depending on your fame rank. As you can see below my calculator shows you the best profit / cookie example, although these numbers will be out of date when you are reading this. Your Fame Rank will determine how profitable your cookies are, as they determine how many bits you earn. You can see this in the bits/cookie ratio below.

Profit per Cookie Table based on Fame Rank

How to Use The Calculator

This Bits to Coins Hypixel Skyblock calculator was built using Google Sheets. You don’t need to know how to use Google Sheets, but you will need to follow a few quick and easy steps.

Make a Copy of the Spreadsheet

To make a copy of the spreadsheet, you will need to use this link: You will then want to press the blue ‘Make a copy’ button, which will create a new version of the document for you in your Google Drive.

Make a Copy of the Bits to Coins Calculator

Setting Your Fame Rank

You will next want to choose your fame rank on the homepage. This will determine which fame rank is used for the final profitability calculation of each item. Click on the selected fame rank next to the ‘Fame Rank:’ cell, and select your fame rank. (This can be found in the Community Shop). As you can see I currently have ‘Ambassador’ selected, but you may select any fame rank you want.

Select Your Fame Rank on the Bits to Coins Calculator

Refreshing the Formulas

Next you will want to click a button, the ‘Refresh Formula by Unchecking and Checking’ button. Simply click the checkbox twice, which will refresh every single formula on the sheet. This fetches the latest values from the Auction House and Bazaar, which makes sure your calculations are up to date.

How to Refresh The Formulas of the Google Sheeet

Congratulations! You have now achieved the best bits to coins ratio for Hypixel Skyblock. Enjoy!