How to Get Eggs in Hypixel Skyblock


Eggs are a surprisingly useful resource in Hypixel Skyblock. They drop from Chickens, and are used in various recipes including crafting most pets. Since eggs have so many uses, a lot of people find themselves asking how to get eggs. Now this may seem obvious; just wait for a chicken to lay one. But this can be tedious and time consuming, so let’s look at the faster ways to get eggs in Hypixel Skyblock.

How to Get Eggs in Hypixel Skyblock – Obtaining Eggs

There are a few locations where you could wait for chickens to drop eggs. While this is very inconsistent and slow, if you just need the collection for the first time this is the way to go. Wait at the Barn on the Farming Islands or next to Gulliver on the Jerry’s Workshop Island to find eggs naturally. You can also use the Chicken Head item to find eggs by crouching once every 20 seconds. Finally, you can kill chickens to find eggs using a Rare or higher level Chicken pet.

Chicken Minion

Unfortunately, you may need to use these methods for a while. The BEST way to get Chicken Eggs in Hypixel Skyblock is to use a Chicken Minion. This will give you guaranteed egg drops every single day. But first you will need to get the eggs to craft the minion, and since they are not sold on the Bazaar or Auction House that can be a real pain.

How to Purchase Eggs from the Bazaar or Auction House

Unfortunately you CANNOT purchase eggs from the Bazaar and Auction House. Why the Admins made this decision I will never know, but it is definitely frustrating. Thankfully, it is still possible. You can use an item trading discord server to trade another player for eggs. If you ask around discord servers for long enough; eventually you will find someone that has a chicken minion and eggs to sell you!

Enchanted Egg prices on the Hypixel Skyblock bazaar
Current Enchanted Egg Prices from

Don’t worry, you won’t have to undergo this process every single time. Enchanted Eggs ARE for sale on the Bazaar, so you can craft higher tiers of minions and pets without having to ask other players to give you eggs or painstakingly waiting for one to come out of a chicken.