The BEST Clients for Hypixel Skyblock


The BEST Client for Hypixel Skyblock needs to have a good combination of FPS, excellent mods, support, ease of use, and cosmetics. Today we are going to look at some of the BEST clients for Hypixel Skyblock. Lots of these work for general Minecraft as well, but these clients are skyblock-specific.

Badlion Client

Badlion Client is one of the most popular Minecraft clients in the world. Although it mainly targets competitive Minecraft players, it also has a few Skyblock mods included. Unfortunately, these tend to be very limited versions of real Forge mods. From my experience these mods have been slow to update as well, which could leave you without the latest features for months at a time.

Installation Link:


SkyClient is my personal choice in Skyblock Client. Specifically designed for Hypixel Skyblock, it has everything you need to maximize the game.

Installation Link:

Lunar Client

Installation Link:

Feather Client

Installation Link:

Essential (Forge)

Installation: Use this Forge Installation Tutorial, and then install Essential from



Do You Need Hypixel Skyblock Clients?

Clients can be an excellent addition to Hypixel Skyblock, but can also be limiting in your options. If you want more flexibility, try installing mods manually like in this guide.