How to Use The Hypixel Skyblock Fairy Soul Waypoint Mod


Fairy Souls are the MOST ANNOYING this to collect in Hypixel Skyblock. They make up a HUGE increase to your stats, but take tons of hours to find. Thankfully, there is an incredibly helpful mod that can help you find these fairy souls through using waypoints. It is called NotEnoughUpdates, and its “souls” feature helps you find all of the Fairy Souls easily and quickly. Welcome to the complete Fairy Soul Waypoint guide.

How to Install NotEnoughUpdates

To install NotEnoughUpdates you will want to first install Forge using this guide. Next you need to visit the NotEnoughUpdates Github page:

NotEnoughUpdates Github Page

The current most recent version is v2.0.0. Look at the “Assets” menu on the “Releases” page, and press “NotEnoughUpdates-2.0.0.jar.” This will install NotEnoughUpdates, leaving you the simple step of placing it into your mods folder. If you need help with that, this guide can help you.

How to Use /neusouls

NEU Fairy Souls Waypoint Guide

To use the NEU Souls feature which will help you find every single fairy soul, you will want to start by running the command “/neusouls.” Next, the main command you will need to run is “/neusouls on.”

Example of Fairy Soul Waypoints

As you can see below, light purple beacons will shine up from every single Fairy Soul. This is incredibly helpful and helps you find every single soul.

When you are getting very close, the beacon bar will disappear. It its place, a purple box will appear around the fairy soul. Once you click on the soul, the highlight will disappear.

I hope this helps you find every Fairy Soul in Hypixel Skyblock!