How to Install NotEnoughCoins for Hypixel Skyblock


NotEnoughCoins is the BEST Free Auction Flipping mod. It shows you the best flips, right in your game chat. It is very similar to the paid mods developed by some creators, but it is completely FREE! (Which is its biggest plus in my book.) It was created by MindlesslyDev. For now, let’s look into the easiest way to install NotEnoughCoins.

First Steps

To install NotEnoughCoins you will first need to have a basic knowledge of how the Auction House works. You will also need to have Forge installed. If you do not already have a forge installation, please use this guide here to install it now. Now that you have installed Forge, we can begin by downloading NotEnoughCoins from Github.


NotEnoughCoins recently migrated from mindlesslydev’s Github page to its own. You can find its new home here: You will want to navigate to the ‘Releases’ tab, and find the latest release. Currently this is ‘Release’

NotEnoughCoins Github page

Next, you will want to download NotEnoughCoins. Press on the assets dropdown menu, and find the file ‘NotEnoughCoins-’ This should download the mod for you, and all you need to do is place it in your mods folder. If you need help with that, here is a simple guide to placing mods in your minecraft mod folder. Once NotEnoughCoins is in that folder, you should be able to launch minecraft and enjoy Not EnoughCoins! Let me know how much money you make.