How to Install DungeonsGuide – The Best Skyblock Secret Solver


DungeonsGuide is one of the BEST Hypixel Skyblock secret solvers. Dungeons is one of the greatest additions to Hypixel Skyblock, but learning secrets is a huge pain. This mod can fix that, as it shows you all of the greatest and easiest ways to find each secret, solve each puzzle, and more. It can be used to learn the secrets, (which is my recommended use,) or to show you each secret every single time.

How to Navigate to a Secret using DungeonsGuide

Installing Forge

The first step to installing ANY Hypixel Skyblock mod, including DungeonsGuide, is to install Forge. Forge is the #1 modded Minecraft launcher for 1.8.9, and most Skyblock mods are built to work with it. You can find a complete guide on how to install Forge here, but to recap it you want to visit the Forge website, select 1.8 and then 1.8.9 from the sidebar on the left, and then look for “Download Recommended.”

Example of How to Download Forge

You want to click the “Installer” button, which will take you to a sponsored URL. Do not be alarmed, this is normal on the Forge website. Simply wait a few seconds, and then click the “Skip” button in the top right corner. This will download a .jar file onto your computer. You should then be able to click and open it. If it does not bring up the installer (pictured below,) then you may need to install Java.

Once the installer has opened, make sure to click “Install Client.” Then press the blue “Ok” button. This will bring you one step closer to installing DungeonsGuide for Hypixel Skyblock! As you can see below, I now have “Hypixel Skyblock – Addons” installed. This is my custom name for my Forge Installation, however you can see below that “1.8.9-forge” is installed. Press the green “Play” button and you should be set up with Forge for Minecraft!

Downloading DungeonsGuide

Now it’s time to download the DungeonsGuide secret solver. First visit their GitHub page:

DungeonsGuide Github Page

Next click on the latest release. At the time of writing, that is DungeonsGuide version v3.7.7. Click on the “dungeonsguide-3.7.7.jar” file, or whichever is the latest version. This mod is thankfully relatively simple to install. Now you can continue on to adding DungeonsGuide.jar into Forge.

Installing DungeonsGuide

Once you have downloaded the mod of your choice, you need to add it to Forge. Thankfully, this is a relatively simple process. The mods should currently be in your downloads folder. Let’s move on to bringing them into Minecraft. First press the Windows Key + R, and then type “%appdata%\.minecraft.”

This should bring you to your .minecraft folder. Look for a subfolder named “mods.” If you do not have this folder, please create it now. Double click on this folder, and then drag your mod files in from the Downloads folder. You have successfully installed a mod for Hypixel Skyblock, let’s look at how to launch them.

Launching Minecraft

Once you are ready, open the Minecraft Launcher. Select the Forge instance we downloaded earlier, and then press the large green “play” button. You should see Minecraft launching like normal (although some mods may alter the loading screen, so do not be alarmed if it looks different.) Log on to in the Multiplayer tab, and you should have a perfectly functional version of DungeonsGuide running in Hypixel Skyblock! Enjoy!