Every YouTuber Texture Pack or Resource Pack


Many of the large Minecraft YouTuber’s have their own personal texture packs that they use in their videos. Many of these YouTuber Texture Packs or Resource Packs become iconic to their viewers, due to their unique designs or nostalgic feel. If you want to try any of the texture packs of your favorite YouTuber’s this is a great place to start. It will show you every texture pack that I have found from some of the best Minecraft YouTubers.

Many of these texture packs are especially helpful if you play specific Minecraft minigames, such as the ones on the Hypixel Network. If you play games such as Hypixel Skyblock, Bedwars, Skywars, Hunger Games, or other popular Minecraft minigames these texture packs could significantly increase your quality of life or playing abilities.


Technoblade is one of the best and biggest Minecraft YouTubers in the world. Techno’s texture pack has become iconic, especially for players on the Hypixel Network. He has used it to break numerous records and become the Mayor of Hypixel Skyblock. It comes highly recommended from millions of fans. For many of his longtime viewers it has a very nostalgic feel, and is an iconic pack that will last forever in the history of Minecraft. You can install this incredible pack with the button below or by using this link.

Example of Technoblade's Texture Pack
Example of Technoblade’s Texture Pack – SOURCE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i3NXPk4ROao


ThirtyVirus is one of the largest Hypixel Skyblock YouTubers, and he has a very distinctive texture pack style. Thirty has his own pack, which is called the ThirtyVirus Pack. It is currently in it’s fourth version, so the current one is called the ThirtyVirus Pack v4. Many Hypixel Skyblock viewers specifically may enjoy this pack, especially if they are fans of Thirty’s content. He also often uses it for Bedwars, so it could also be a good texture pack for people who want to improve their Bedwars skill. You can install it with the button below or by using this link.

Example of ThirtyVirus's Texture Pack
Example of ThirtyVirus’s Texture Pack – SOURCE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gq54Q9m7LNs

Hellcastle & Tylerrrr

Hellcastle and Tylerrrr make some FANTASTIC videos on Hypixel Skyblock, and their videos feature the Furfsky Reborn texture pack. Tylerrrr also owns the texture pack, which is worked on by a large number of people who can be found on this credits page. It is a fantastic reboot of the original texture pack by furf, and is one of my personal favorites on this list. (I actually used it for almost a year on stream!) Overall I highly recommend it if you want a more polished and stylized look that really differentiates the items from vanilla minecraft.

Example of the Furfsky Reborn Texture Pack – SOURCE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DE1Zj3iFCak


Refraction is one of the larger creators on this list, and he also has his own fantastic custom texture pack. While it is not skyblock-specific, (similarly to ThirtyVirus’s and Technoblade’s), it is a fantastic texture pack and looks really good! It is mainly used for Hypixel games, and is specifically good for bedwars. However that does not mean you can’t use it for Skyblock as well! It is a great looking pack made by Looshy, who is a fantastic texture pack maker in the community. Refraction specifically uses the ‘Cotton Candy’ Color Scheme.

Example of the Refraction 250k Texture Pack – SOURCE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=37j4ga-ZlYU&t=0s


Swavy is another large Hypixel Skyblock Twitch streamer and YouTuber. He is well known in the community for being a very wealthy player in the game. He uses the Azert 64x Pack, created by iSparkton. It was created for UHC, but can also be used for Skyblock. Swavy uses the Purple version of the pack.

Swavy's Texture Pack
Example of the Refraction 250k Texture Pack – SOURCE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k4Y-hIQOVE8


TimeDeo is a staple of the Hypixel Skyblock community, and while not exactly consistent, he will always have a place in our hearts. So, what is TimeDeo’s texture pack? TimeDeo still uses his 2k texture pack, which has been revamped by Finlay. It is a decent looking texture pack, although as mentioned with many of the packs before is NOT skyblock specific. You can download it using the link below.

Example of the TimeDeo Texture Pack – SOURCE: https://pvprp.com/pack?p=262

General Texture Packs

If you have read through the entire article and still do not want to use any of these Texture Pack’s, then you may find it more helpful to simply install a general texture pack. While these do not have the fame or reputation of a famous YouTuber behind them, many of them are still perfectly good texture packs and may in fact be better than some of the YouTube texture packs.