How to Get Your FIRST Billion Coins in Hypixel Skyblock


Having coins is INCREDIBLY important, and you will want to have as many as possible. This guide helps you earn those tricky first billion coins that will put you on your path to the end game. It features a guide on how to spend, how to earn, how to strategize, and more! It will help you become like your favorite Hypixel Skyblock YouTubers like Refraction, Swavy, ThirtyVirus, and more! This is a very comprehensive guide, so I recommend you skip to the part that best fits you with the table of contents below.

Getting Started – Early Game Money Making

The early game is pretty simple. You have one major goal: unlock the Bazaar. Your secondary goal should be getting some minions set up, as this will aid you as you progress through the game by earning you some early minion slots and unique crafts.

Simple Early Game Money Making Methods

The early game is packed with simple money making methods, which mainly fall into three categories: farming, mining, and foraging. These are the three main tasks you will have to face in the game as well. I recommend sticking with these, as combat can be very difficult with your very low skills and stats. At the very start of the game one of the best money making methods is simply farming wheat!

First simply visit the wheat patches in a fresh hub and farm them, then quickly switch lobbies once they have filled up. Next you can do the same thing with the Coal Mines or Oak area in the hub, but these have higher skill requirements and may require more intense gear to earn coins. With wheat farming, you simply need a hand and the wheat farms. I would also suggest you buy the rookie hoe for 12 coins as soon as possible!

Hypixel Skyblock Wheat Farm
Hypixel Skyblock Wheat Farms

Unlocking the Bazaar

Hypixel Skyblock Bazaar
Hypixel Skyblock Bazaar

Once you have unlocked the bazaar this will present you with MANY opportunities to make a lot of money, and will be vital for your performance in the rest of this guide. As you can see in the image, you can buy almost every item in the game from the Bazaar. You will use these to level up minions and craft tools to progress through the game.

It is particularly helpful for this next step, which will help you set up minions. It is particularly helpful for getting more minion slots!

The Bazaar is a very useful resource in Hypixel Skyblock, and you will want to unlock it as soon as possible! It acts as a sort of stock market, allowing you to trade items with other players. This will allow you to craft items without having to farm the materials yourself! To unlock the Bazaar you only need to reach Farming, Foraging, and Mining level 7.

Setting Up Minions for Hypixel Skyblock

Minions are perhaps some of the MOST important things you will place in Hypixel Skyblock. Besides farms it is really the only valuable use of your island. Minions are items that are placed on your island and earn you coins over time. They continue to work while you are AFK, meaning you can earn millions very quickly! Let’s get started with all of this minion information:

Good Minions for Each Stage of the Game

Early Game

For the early game you should craft minions with your leftover resources. This may be a farming minion (eg. wheat) if you were using that as your earlier money making method. This could also be a mining minion, such as a coal, gold, or iron minion. These will generate you passive income while also having a relatively low startup cost.

Mid Game

For mid game I would highly recommend you work with a Snow or Clay minion. They generate lots of coins, and can be left for days on end without collection. They are simple to set up and use, relatively inexpensive, and make their money back very quickly. It is definitely a worthy investment for any mid game player.

Late Game

Late Game players should think bigger. They have two options: maximizing skill or maximizing profit. If they want the maximum profit then they should read this guide on the BEST minion setup for skyblock!

HyMinions Best Minion Profit Calculator
Selecting the Best Minion on HyMinions

Fueling Your Minions

To best fuel your minions you have many options. There are over 15 different fuels for your minions, and they can boost production by up to 400%! That makes it 100% worth it to power up your minions with fuel. (See what I did there?) Thankfully I have a whole guide on how you can choose this fuel, and I highly recommend you check it out at this link: or by clicking the button below.

Fuels for Minions in Hypixel Skyblock

Maximizing Overall Minion Profits

I do not have enough time to get into every way to maximize minion profits in hypixel skyblock, but I highly suggest you check out my guide on maximizing minion profits. It will help you with everything else you need, from compactors to storage to hoppers to crystals. It even includes a special tip that will give you an extra little boost! Read it at this link: or using the button below.

Choosing a Path – Mid Game

To maximize your time efficiency, you will want to pick a path to dedicate. This next section will go over those paths and how to do them. NOTE: This is not the most *enjoyable* way to play the game, so if you do not care about efficiency feel free to randomly go about the mid game paths section and try out all of them.

Farming (The Boring Path)

Taking this path will involve farming. A lot. That’s basically it. You will build full length farms on your island, acquire tools specific to crops, fine tune your speed for maximum efficiency, and more. Overall, it is really really really boring. However, it can be worth it as farming profits can be quite high. It is also very easy to do it while watching a streaming service like Netflix in the background.

Full Width Hypixel Skyblock Farms
Example of My Half-Finished Full-Width Farms in Hypixel Skyblock

Mining (The Slightly Less Boring Path)

Mining is slightly less boring than farming. Only slightly. It still involves ungodly hours doing the same boring repetitive task, except it involves more attention and moving around to find the ores. This is worth it however, as some forms of mining like Gemstone Mining can be INCREDIBLY lucrative! I have a whole guide coming on the full mining progression path, so stay tuned for that. Basically you move through the dwarven mines to the crystal hollows and then gemstone mine for a ton of hours. Then you have a billion coins! (See, I told you we would get there).

Combat (Dungeons and Slayers)

The Combat Path is the most interesting to most players. Your money making methods are heavily based on RNG, some hours you will make pennies, and some you will make tens of millions. Despite its pitfalls it is still a great money making method, and has a few sub-paths you can take.


You can start as a dungeons player by choosing a class, finding a perm party, and beginning to play. Really all you need to do is progress to the later floors of dungeons (F6-F7) to start getting really good drops that can sell for millions on the AH. After that it is all about increasing speed! You can collect traditional drops from chests (as seen below,) sell item drops like the Ice Spray Wand, and sell essence to other players. You can even sell carries if you are good enough!

Claiming Dungeons Chests on Floor 6
Claiming Dungeons Chests in Hypixel Skyblock on Floor 6


For slayers you will need to collect slayer-specific armor and weapons, collecting lots of RNG drops in the process. Definitely the LEAST effective money making method of these three combat methods, but very good when Aatrox is mayor.


As a combat player you will have the gear to take on combat mayors like Diana. You can make a TON of money with the mythological ritual, which will be very helpful in earning you coins and experience. You can also take full advantage of Paul and Aatrox, the dungeons and slayer mayors respectively. I have complete guides on each of these mayors, so read them below!

Mayor Diana

Diana hosts the mythological ritual, which spawns mythological creatures and allows you to kill mobs and sell their drops for millions!

Mayor Paul

Paul increases your odds while in Dungeons, making it easier to obtain RNG drops, making runs faster, and making some runs possible for mid-game.

Mayor Aatrox

Aatrox makes slayers both cheaper and gives you more rewards, increasing both your money making and skill grinding experiences.

Flipping (The Big Brain Path)

Flipping can be VERY difficult, but has the most profit potential. You will spend many hours sitting in front of your computer looking at spreadsheets and websites, analyzing the Skyblock market to death. You will then make calculated investments and flips on both the Bazaar (see I told you it would be useful!) and Auction House to make money.

Bazaar Flipping

Bazaar flipping involves buying items and materials, holding or crafting them, and then reselling them at a higher price. I would recommend these tools to help you out:

Auction Flipping

Auction flipping involves buying items, normally armor and weapons, and reselling them for a higher price at a later date. This involves much more analysis but has a higher ceiling. Try out these tools to help you out:

Miscellaneous Extras

Besides your main money making path and minions, there are a few extra things you should be doing to earn some extra money.

Booster Cookies

We recently showed off a spreadsheet that allowed you to make PROFIT with Booster Cookies! You will want the perks they provide on your path to becoming a billionaire in Hypixel Skyblock, so you may as well make profit from that as well. Check out this guide: or click the button below to read more.

Booster Cookie
Booster Cookie

Maximizing Mayors

Mayors are another way to make INSANE profit. We already mentioned Paul, Aatrox, and Diana, but they are not the only mayors you can make money with. I especially recommend you keep an eye out for special mayors and maximize their money making potential. I have a whole page dedicated to making money with every single mayor, check it out here:

Filling the Forge (Dwarven Mines)

The Forge is another tool you really need to utilize. It allows you to place up to 5 items to slowly craft into another item. By using these slots 24/7 you can be making up to 500M coins per hour! I have shown off this spreadsheet a few times, so look at it using this link: or the button below.

Using Kat

Kat is another very special NPC that can make you a lot of money. Just like the Forge she has a slot that is always open, and should ALWAYS be full. You can make hundreds of millions of coins per month!

YouTube Guide by Tanker Man 3000 on AFK Kat Money Making

Bank Interest

The bank can earn you some FREE coins every few days! You should level up your account to a level you can afford (ROI calculator coming soon)- and leave it be with room to grow. This will earn you FREE passive income!

Hypixel Skyblock Bank - Palatial Account
Example of Hypixel Skyblock Bank Interest

Community Shop Upgrades

Community Center Account and Profile Upgrades with Minion Upgrades and Coin Allowance Highlighted
Account and Profile Upgrades

The community center can also earn you FREE passive income. I would specifically recommend you first claim your FREE minion slots (highlighted in blue) and your FREE 50,000 coins per day! (highlighted in yellow.) These are super easy to do, and just require you to pay a bit of attention.

Good Luck! – Paying it Forward

Once you have reached a billion coins, make sure to pay it forward. Help other players reach their goals, especially your friends and guildmates. This is my way of giving back to the community for everything they have done for me! I know this is sort of a monster of a guide, I did not expect so much to come out when I was making it. Make sure to subscribe to Tanker Man 3000 on YouTube to support me!