Every AFK Money Making Method for Hypixel Skyblock


AFK money making is one of the greatest ways to make money in Hypixel Skyblock. (At least in my expert opinion!) It requires very little effort, which is very useful for people with busy schedules and those who are lazy. AFK money making methods can be very powerful or not that powerful, but no matter how you do them it is always worth it. The effort/profit ratio is so low that why would you not! This guide is going to go over some of the best AFK money making methods for Hypixel Skyblock, linking to more detailed articles we have on how to maximize profits from each of them. Enjoy!

AFKing the Forge For Profit

Credits: Hypixel Skyblock Wiki,
CC BY-SA 3.0

The Forge is incredibly profitable when used correctly. Essentially you forge raw materials into specific items. This makes you log on every few hours to every few days (depending on the item) and replace the item in the Forge. You will also need to buy and sell some items. Besides these five minute tasks, this is virtually 100% AFK! I have a whole guide on how this can make you upwards of 500,000,000 coins per hour! Click the button below to try out this method today.

AFKing at Kat For Profit

Credits: Hypixel Skyblock Wiki,
CC BY-SA 3.0

Kat can also be insanely profitable. It works using a very similar spreadsheet to the Forge, which finds the current best pet to flip. You buy a low rarity pet off the Auction House and the resources to craft it from the Bazaar, place it at Kat for a period of time, and then resell it for more than the cost of the pet and resources. This generates you continuous profit for a slot that would have otherwise been sitting their empty! Watch my video on how to make profit with Kat in Hypixel Skyblock.

Making Money With Minions

I have a complete guide on how you should go about MAXIMIZING your minion profit in Hypixel Skyblock. Minions are incredibly profitable, as they simply sit there and make money. There are a ton of factors to think about when setting up minions: Choosing the Best Minion, Choosing the Right Fuel Source, Choosing Other Minion Upgrades, Which Compactor to Use, The Best Storage For Your Minions, Do You Need a Hopper?, Utilizing Minion Crystals, as well as many other factors. That is why I have set up all of this inside it’s own article which you can read here: https://skyblockguides.com/guides/how-to-maximize-minion-profit-in-hypixel-skyblock/

AFK Cactus Farms

Cactus Farms can be very profitable. They allow you to earn money via cactus while online and on your island, but require lots of mental effort to build. They are hard to recommend because of this, but they are technically a possible way to make money. Something Like That famously made a Cactus Farm that earned 130 MILLION COINS PER HOUR. While yours will probably not be nearly as good, it can still be very profitable!

Credits: Something Like That on YouTube

AFKing Booster Cookies

Booster Cookies can also make a ton of profit, mainly through using bits to purchase other items and reselling those. Earning bits can be slow, so AFKing to earn those bits can be quite profitable. Pretty self explanatory if you do not spend enough time playing to earn all of your available bits!

AFKing Goblins or Other Mobs

This is VERY ethically dubious, so I do not recommend you try it AT ALL. However, it is still a method. If there is enough demand, I may consider making a guide on how to do it. And I’m just saying, if you really need to there *are* guides out there on the internet on how to do it. Would I know where to find these? I will never say.