What Is The BEST Minion in Hypixel Skyblock


The BEST minion in Hypixel Skyblock is something you need. Minions manually gather resources for you, placing and mining blocks on your island to generate resources. You need to craft or trade for them, as they cannot be sold on the Auction House or Bazaar. Minions provide an essential amount of resources to your average Skyblock player, including:

  • Acting as a FANTASTIC Money Making Method
  • Increasing your collections
  • Helping you earn recipes
  • Giving you item resources

Now that you have recognized the extreme importance of minions, I’m sure you realize that you NEED to optimize this setup in every possible way you can. Using the best fuel for your minions is one of the best ways to do this, and I have a helpful article that should help you out with that. You can read that here: https://skyblockguides.com/guides/the-best-minion-fuel-for-hypixel-skyblock/. However, the absolute best and most important method to increase your minions output is to find the best one.

HyMinions – The Best Website to Optimize Minions

HyMinions is a website created by KidProf, and is a fantastic tool to help you out in finding the best minion. The website asks you to fill out a few simple questions, and then tells you the best minions for you. You simply say the number of minion slots you have, the fuel % that you will use, options for diamond spreading, your selling method, and your soulflow engine options. It will then provide you with a list of which minions will give you the most coins when using your desired settings!

HyMinions example page

This website is one of the most helpful tools out there, so I highly recommend you try it out. Press the button below to visit the website or use this link: https://hyminions.herokuapp.com/minions