The COMPLETE Hypixel Skyblock Texture Pack Guide


Hypixel Skyblock texture packs can make a HUGE difference while playing the game. Today I will help you install these incredible texture packs, which include ones used by famous youtubers. We will discuss the PacksHQ texture packs, Nameless, Furfsky Rebord, and more. We will ALSO discuss texture packs from famous YouTubers. (Specifically ThirtyVirus’s and Refraction’s.) This guide should work for any version between 1.8.9 and 1.17, including 1.12.2 and 1.16.5.

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FurfSky Reborn – The Coolest Hypixel Skyblock Texture Pack

FurfSky Reborn is one of my FAVORITE packs, and features a ton of awesome textures as you can see below. To aid in your installlation process I have created an entire guide that shows you specifically how to install FurfSky Reborn. Check it out here:

Credit: @tylerwith4rs on the Hypixel Forums

PacksHQ – The Cleanest Skyblock Texture Pack

PacksHQ is one of my favorite packs to use. It is very clean, and has some fantastic and unique textures that better reflect an original vanilla skyblock feel (as you can see in the image below). Check out my full installation guide if you are interested in checking it out:

Credit: @ImperiaL_24 on the Hypixel Forums

ThirtyVirus Pack v4

The ThirtyVirus Pack v4 is one of the best texture packs that is very clean and simple. It is used by ThirtyVirus, who is one of the largest YouTubers that play Hypixel Skyblock. You can learn how to install it at this link:

Other Awesome Hypixel Skyblock Packs

Nameless Skyblock Pack
Forums to Download:
Skyblock Overhaul 32x
Download Link:
Refraction’s Texture Pack (Created by Looshy)
Download Link:

How to Install Texture Packs

Once you have downloaded the texture pack, please drag it into the proper folder. (This is located inside the .minecraft folder.) For more information refer to the YouTube video above!

If you have enjoyed reading about texture packs, the next step in your Hypixel Skyblock journey will involve installing mods. Click on this article to learn more about the BEST Hypixel Skyblock mods!