The BEST Minion Fuel for Hypixel Skyblock


Using this minion fuel will MAXIMIZE your profits! It is truly the BEST minion fuel for Hypixel Skyblock. We will use a spreadsheet to determine the highest value minion, and make sure that you will be profiting MORE than when using Enchanted Lava Buckets! To use the spreadsheet, you will first want to determine the amount of coins your minion is making. While you could run this test yourself (make sure not to use fuel in your minion during the test,) it is easier to use a website called HyMinions. This guide can help you learn how to find your minion’s profit, and it may even make you want to upgrade it! (Links to Next you will want to make a copy of the spreadsheet. Click this link and press “Make a Copy” as instructed below.

How to Make a Copy of a Google Sheet

After Making a Copy of the Spreadsheet

That should bring you to your own version of the spreadsheet. You will have edit access here, but you really only need to touch two settings. First you will need to fill in your API key (as highlighted in yellow below). You can find your API key by typing “/api new” in the Minecraft chat on Next, you will need to enter the amount of money your minion makes every day. You can use HyMinions (as listed above), or test it yourself. However you get the answer, fill it into the blue highlighted area.

How to Enter API Key and Minion Price into my spreadsheet.

Reading the Spreadsheet

You will then see the spreadsheet has coin values spread out. You really only need to look at the “Profit with Fuel” area. This will show you a green highlight if the fuel is profitable, and a red highlight if it is not. We also provide an indicator for Enchanted Lava Buckets, as listed to the right. (Since most people already own an enchanted lava bucket, it may be more profitable for them to use that fuel depending on the costs.)

Reading the Spreadsheet- the BEST Minion Fuels!


While Derpy is mayor, the calculations need to change. He doubles minion output, so our fuels get even better! (Mayor Derpy’s boosts are multiplicative, so a 300% boost doubles to 600%, etc.) As shown below, Derpy Mode is another page of the spreadsheet. Simply click Derpy Mode on the bottom, and all the fuel values will be doubled. (You may need to re-enter your API key and minion profits.

Derpy Mode

Links and TLDR;

TLDR; This spreadsheet helps you make more money from your minions by telling you which fuel is the BEST fuel for your minions. Thanks for reading!

HyMinions Tutorial:

Spreadsheet Link: