What is Technoblade’s Texture Pack? (And How to Install It)


Technoblade is one of the largest and most influential YouTubers to have ever played Hypixel Skyblock. His texture pack had a very specific and interesting style, and a lot of his loyal viewers have been wanting to play with the Technoblade Texture pack for a long time. So, what is Technoblade’s Texture Pack? It was created by a YouTuber named “Tight,” and is called ‘Tightfault [Revamp].’ You can find the link to his video with an overview of the texture pack in the description of most of Technoblade’s videos, as well as below. This article contains more information about the pack, as well as some other helpful information about how to use it.

Tightfault Revamp Texture Pack Overview (The Technoblade Pack)

How to Install Technoblade’s Texture Pack

First you will need to visit the MediaFire link of the texture pack. You can click the button below this section or use this link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/sh6pdx9u034nqve. As you can see in the image the pack is called Tightfault Revamp, and is 12.76 MB. It is relatively simple to download as far as texture pack’s go, you just need to press the large blue ‘DOWNLOAD’ button. There may be ads on the website, so make sure not to click those and rather click on the download button.

How to Download the Technoblade Texture Pack
How to Download Technoblade’s Texture Pack

You must put it in the proper folder once it has been downloaded. Locate the file in your downloads folder. On your screen, drag the window to the side. Press Windows Key + R after that. Type%appdata%.minecraft/texturepacks. Drag the file into that folder. Congratulations, Technoblade’s texture pack has been installed. You should now be finished with installing Technoblade’s resource pack!

To get the full experience Technoblade uses with his texture pack, you should probably also install Optifine. I have a very simple guide that teaches you how to install Optifine, which you can find here or by clicking the button below. You can also consider installing other mods at the same time, which will also improve your experience. This is especially true in minigames that Technoblade plays, such as Skyblock, Bedwars, and Skywars.