How to Install ChatTriggers for Minecraft


ChatTriggers is a very helpful Forge mod that allows you to install smaller scripts to increase QOL, add features, and improve gameplay for Minecraft.

it is especially useful in Hypixel Skyblock, where it has been features in guides such as ”The Best QOL Mods for Hypixel Skyblock” and “The Best Mods for Mayor Jerry.”

Thankfully, there are two easy ways to install ChatTriggers. Using SkyClient, or manually using Forge.

How to Install ChatTriggers Using SkyClient

To Install ChatTriggers with SkyClient you will first need the client installed. Complete this tutorial and then come back: When you get to the step of selecting specific mods, make sure ChatTriggers is clicked. Congratulations! It’s now been successfully installed.

How to Install ChatTriggers (Manually)

To install ChatTriggers, you will first need Forge to be installed. Forge is a very common framework for Minecraft mods. I recommend you install it with this guide.

Next, you will need to visit You will need to scroll down and find the Downloads section, as pictured below. Use the ”Stable” version, and choose the MC version you plan to use.

Finally, simply drag the .jar file from this install into the mods folder you set up earlier. Congratulations! ChatTriggers is now installed.