How to Make Money with Mayor Paul in Hypixel Skyblock


In this article, I go over my methods for making money during Mayor Paul’s reign in Hypixel Skyblock. Money Making is INCREDIBLY important, and every little bit of coins helps! Mayor Paul promises great cheaper prices on dungeons gear and money making methods, an extra 10 score on each run, and more!

Video on Paul Money Making

Mayor Paul’s official name is “Paul the Dungeon Explorer,” and he definitely makes dungeons a whole lot easier. Some of his incredible perks are:

  • EZPZ: Gain 10 bonus score in Dungeons
  • Marauder: Makes dungeons chests 20% cheaper
  • Benediction: Makes blessings 25% stronger

How Does Paul Make Dungeons Easier AND More Profitable?

Paul makes dungeons significantly more profitable by increasing the ease of play. The stat boosts from blessings make it possible to take on higher floors, while the dungeon chest discount makes it easier to profit from dungeons more often. EZPZ can also speed up S and S+ runs, or make them possible for lower level players.