How to Make Money with Mayor Marina in Hypixel Skyblock


In this article I go over how you can make money in Hypixel Skyblock using Mayor Marina! Mayor Marina has a lot of simps in the Hypixel Skyblock community, and gets elected quite often. This guide should help you turns those times into profitable sessions of fishing festivals, as well as other money-making methods with Marina!

Video on Marina Money Making

Mayor Marina is one of the most popular mayors available. Her official name is “Marina the Fisherwoman,” and she is focused on the Fishing skill. She has three possible perks:

  • Fishing XP Buff: Gain 50% more fishing experience (on public islands)
  • Luck of the Sea 2.0: Gain 15 Sea Creature Chance
  • Fishing Festival: Starts the fishing festival for the first three days of every month. (This is the most important one.)

What is the Fishing Festival?

The Fishing Festival is an event that can occur when Marina is elected mayor of Hypixel Skyblock. (It can also take place with Mayor Jerry and Mayor Foxy.) You gain the ability to catch sharks, a special sea creature that drop exclusive event items such as shark teeth and fins. You can then sell these items to the Bazaar for large amounts of profit. Watch the video to learn more!