How to Make Money with Mayor Foxy in Hypixel Skyblock


In this article I show you how to make money with Mayor Foxy in Hypixel Skyblock! Mayor Foxy is a fantastic mayor for hypixel skyblock events and hypixel skyblock money making. Her perks focus around bringing a lot of the major events back to Hypixel Skyblock, which can make you a TON of money.

Video on Foxy Money Making

Mayor Foxy’s official name is “Foxy the Event Girl,” and she is focused on skyblock Events. She has three possible perks:

  • Sweet Tooth: Gain 20% chance to get candy during the Spooky Festival
  • Benevolence: Gain 2.5x gifts from Jerry’s Workshop
  • Extra Event: Gain an extra scheduled event during the Skyblock year.

What is the Extra Event?

Mayor Foxy can trigger an extra event in Hypixel Skyblock. She can trigger the Spooky Festival, the Mining Fiesta, or the Fishing Festival. These can be great money making opportunities normally, so having an extra time to play it is always helpful!