How to Make Money with Mayor Diana in Hypixel Skyblock


In this article I go over how to MAKE MONEY with Mayor Diana in Hypixel Skyblock! The Diana Event, or Mythological Ritual, is a really great event in Hypixel Skyblock that is a Hypixel Skyblock Easy Money Making Method in the Hypixel Skyblock channel. It can make you MILLIONS of coins REALLY quickly!

Video on Diana Money Making

Mayor Diana’s official name is “Diana, the Mythological Pet Caretaker,” and she definitely protects mythological pets. She has an entire event dedicated to hunting them down and killing bad ones, focusing specifically around the Griffin pet. Some of her perks are:

  • Pet XP Buff: Gain 35% more pet experience
  • Lucky!: Gain 25 extra Pet Luck
  • Mythological Rituals: Find Mythological Creatures while Diana is active in the Mythological Ritual event.

What is the Mythological Ritual?

Diana allows you to make millions by starting the mythological ritual. You need to buy the Griffin Pet and Ancestral Spade, which you can then use to dig up mythological creatures and fight them. Killing these creatures can then bring you lots of money in the form of drops you can sell to the Bazaar.