How to Make Money with Mayor Derpy in Hypixel Skyblock


Mayor Derpy is one of THE BEST mayors in Hypixel Skyblock. This guide will show you how you can maximize your profits with Derpy, turning a few coins into millions more! He is incredibly effective, and can be just as good for early game players as late game players. Everyone can turn an easy profit, so just follow along with this guide and you will make millions of coins!

Setting Up Your Minions

Setting up your minions properly is the #1 best thing to do during Derpy. He doubles minion output and boosts skill xp by 50%, so you will both be earning more coins and getting more skill xp from your minions while Derpy is mayor. I have a few tools I recommend for this. You should read up on how to maximize minion profits as well as the best minion fuel for when Derpy is mayor. I have spreadsheets to guide you through the whole process using those links below!


Derpy opens the options for many different good investments. As you can see in the graph below (Hyper Catalyst prices over time), fuel prices tend to rise when Derpy gets elected. They then sharply fall after he is no longer mayor. If this pattern continues, (which it normally does,) Derpy is a great time to invest into fuels.

Trading Servers

Since the Auction House is also closed while Derpy is mayor, it is a great time to earn a TON of profits by utilizing trading discord servers. You can act as a middleman, taking commonly exchanged items for lower than normal prices, or selling for higher than normal prices. Some people may see this as a scummy move, but you are simply taking advantage of the markets hours.