How to Make Money with Mayor Aatrox in Hypixel Skyblock


In this article I show you how to make MILLIONS with Mayor Aatrox in Hypixel Skyblock! Mayor Aatrox is truly one of the best mayors out there because he has helped millions of people make money in hypixel skyblock. He is the slayer mayor, and can help you make more money with slayers in hypxiel skyblock. Investing money in to the Bazaar for Bazaar flipping and auction flipping can make you a lot of money in Hypixel Skyblock, as well as doing the other strategies mentioned in this article! Enjoy this hypixel skyblock money making guide!

Video on Aatrox Money Making

Mayor Aatrox’s official name is, “Aatrox, Maddox’s Brother-In-Law.” He is the slayer focused mayor, and his perks are:

  • Slayer XP Buff: Gain 25% more Slayer XP
  • Pathfinder: Gain 20% more rare drops
  • Slashed Pricing: Gain a 50% discount on slayer quests

Why is Aatrox Helpful?

Slayers can be REALLY expensive, and Aatrox helps alleviate some of that cost by slashing the cost in half. This can also make slayers much more profitable, as you only need 50% of the original drops you would need to make a profit. You also earn more rare drops, increasing your payout significantly. Finally, you also gain 25% more slayer XP which can be very useful in starting higher tier quests to get better drops.