How to MAXIMIZE Minion Profit in Hypixel Skyblock


This guide will show you the BEST ways to maximize your minion profit in Hypixel Skyblock. Minions can make you a LOT of money really quickly, but they can be really hard to manage. This guide goes over how to best utilize your minions to make a ton of money using a bunch of awesome tools created by me or the skyblock community. Let’s get started!

Choosing the Best Minion

To choose the best minion, we want to pick the minion that will generate you the most coins. This can be different if you are going for a specific collection of recipe, but most people use their minions for coins. To find the best minion we are going to be using a tool called HyMinions, which helps you find the best minion for your needs. Click the button below or use this link in a browser:

Choosing the Right Fuel Source

Fuel is the next important step in minion selection. Fuel can boost your minion production by up to 400%, and are definitely worth using correctly. I created an entire calculator specifically devoted to finding the ideal minion fuel in every situation, including while Mayor Derpy is active. I highly recommend you check it out at this link: or by clicking the button below.

Other Minion Upgrades

There are plenty of other minion upgrades that can optimize your setup. You can increase the amount of money you make from the minion by using Diamond Spreading or a Soulflow Engine. There are also a variety of other upgrades that are useful in specific situations:

  • Auto Smelter – Useful in minions that mine ores to increase profit and function
  • Minion Expander – Increases minion speed by 5% and range by 1 block
  • Flycatcher – Increases minion speed by 20%

Normally your slots will be taken up by a diamond spreading or soulflow engine before using any of these, but if you are aiming for a specific resource they can be very profitable! Of course your other slot will be taken up by a compactor, so let’s talk about those next.

Which Compactor to Use

There are three useful compactors. The normal compactor is the standard one you should use in any minion. This is the first compactor you will get, and will cause your minions to fill up slightly slower. Of course, you really want to focus on the other two: the Super Compactor 3000 and the Dwarven Super Compactor. The Super Compactor 3000 compacts items into their enchanted forms, maximizing your minion storage space. Dwarven Super Compactor simply combines the usage of the Super Compactor 3000 with the Auto Smelter, rendering it basically useless (except in the case of cost.) Since storage seems to be a focus, let’s talk about that now.

The Best Storage For Your Minions

There are five tiers of storage solutions for Hypixel Skyblock, and each of them have their own use case. Obviously the higher the better, but some of them are a bit overboard.

  • Small Storage – 3 Extra Slots
  • Medium Storage – 9 Extra Slots
  • Large Storage – 15 Extra Slots
  • X-Large Storage – 21 Extra Slots
  • XX-L Storage – 27 Extra Slots

Personally I would recommend the Large storage. As long as you play the game somewhat consistently and empty your minions, you should not need a larger storage solution. However, if you plan on taking longer breaks and want to maximize your minion space upgrading can be worth it. However, if you don’t have the coins hoppers might be your only choice.

Do You Need a Hopper?

Hoppers are good for when you will be AFK from Skyblock for several days or weeks or more (I can’t fathom why anyone would want to do that, but it is a possibility). When the time comes to use them, you have two choices: the Budget Hopper, which will give you 50% of the drops in coin form, and the Enchanted Hopper, which will give you 90% of the drops in coin form. Unfortunately, both of them are horrible, because they sell to the NPC, which is often not the best place to sell your minion drops.

Utilizing Minion Crystals

You can place down one of these crystals on your island, and they can boost your minions inside a certain range. You can have them cover one minion, or all of them using a complicated solution like Technoblade’s potato dome. They all boost minion speed by 10% and are available for Farming, Foraging, and Mining minions.

You NEED The Mithril Infusion

The Mithril Infusion boosts your minions easily by 10%, and is definitely worth it in the long run. It currently costs around 2.3 MILLION COINS, which is definitely pricey. To use the Mithril Infusion you simply pick up your minion and combine the two items in an anvil. Super easy and a free 10%!

Well, this was the comprehensive guide to all things minions. If you did enjoy, please read another article on our site like this one about the BEST Auction Flipping tools for Hypixel Skyblock! Enjoy!