How to Install ThirtyVirus Pack v4


ThirtyVirus is one of the largest YouTubers that play Hypixel Skyblock. He does not use a custom skyblock pack, but rather a cleaner, simpler pack that only textures vanilla items. Despite this, the ThirtyVirus texture pack is still very popular, and is used by many skyblock and bedwars players. This guide is going to answer a lot of the top questions about this pack, including what it is, what exactly it textures, and more.

What Texture Pack Does ThirtyVirus Use?

ThirtyVirus’s custom pack is called the ThirtyVirus Pack v4. It is hosted on his website, which has an installation link to Mediafire. The video you see below (created by ThirtyVirus) shows off the texture pack.

Credit: ThirtyVirus

The pack is specifically for 1.8.9, and is optimized to work with popular minigames like Hypixel Bedwars and Hypixel Skyblock. Thankfully it is a pretty simple pack to install, so let’s get started!

How to Use ThirtyVirus’s Texture Pack

First visit ThirtyVirus’s website at this link: where you will want to scroll down and find the pack download link. Specifically, you will want to press the button that says “ThirtyVirus Resource Pack V4 for Minecraft 1.8.9.”

ThirtyVirus texture pack download page

Once it is downloaded, you will need to place it in the correct folder. Open your downloads folder, and find the file. Drag that window to one side of your screen. Next press the Windows Key + R. Type %appdata%\.minecraft/texturepacks. Then simply drag the file into that folder. Congratulations, the ThirtyVirus Pack v4 should now be installed into your Minecraft installation!