How to Install Hypixel Skyblock Mods in ONE CLICK! – SkyClient Tutorial


Installing mods can be VERY difficult, yet they play such an important role in Hypixel Skyblock! Thankfully, the savior of today’s article comes in there, and it is called SkyClient. This guide will act as an installation guide for SkyClient, and will teach you how to install Hypixel Skyblock mods in just one click!

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Downloading SkyClient

Follow the links below this to the GitHub page for SkyClient. You will need to select the correct version of your operating system, as SkyClient works easily for Windows, Mac, AND Linux!

Windows Installation:

Mac and Linux Installation:

After downloading the file, proceed to run the installer just as you would with any other application. You may see the below message on your computer (or a separate one depending on the OS.) If needed, just click “Run anyway.” This will allow the application to install.

Windows Protected Your PC Error in SkyClient installation.

Setting Up The Client to Install Hypixel Skyblock Mods

The next step in this installation is a one click install for every mod you want in Hypixel Skyblock. There are a TON of mod options given, and it is up to you which ones you want to choose. However, this article could be helpful in choosing the best mods for the job if you need some guidance.

Hypixel Skyblock Mod Selection in the SkyClient Installer

Once you are ready, click the blue “Install SkyClient” button! Next, reopen your Minecraft Launcher. Once you have done that, proceed to click the green “Play” button next to SkyClient in your installation tab.

Launch SkyClient in the Minecraft Launcher

After launching, all the mods should be installed! This is the PERFECT way to add mods to Hypixel Skyblock, and it is incredibly easy. I hope it helped you install Hypixel Skyblock mods!