How to Get More Talismans in Hypixel Skyblock!


Have you ever wondered what the BEST way to get more talismans in hypixel skyblock is? I have to! Thankfully I found a spreadsheet that lets you see the ideal path to take when it comes to finding the best talismans for Hypixel Skyblock to get the BEST prices and the most optimized speed.

Make a Copy of the Spreadsheet

To find this spreadsheet, visit this link: You will need to click the “Make a Copy” button to have your own version of the spreadsheet.

Once you have successfully created the spreadsheet, you will need to write your Minecraft username and Skyblock profile in the boxes provided. You should see your information populate on the rest of the spreadsheet in the next few minutes. Sometimes it takes a while, as the spreadsheet can be rather slow.

Using the Talisman Optimizer

If you click onto the “Accessories” page, you should be able to see the next best talisman’s for you to craft. It sorts them by price, either on the the Bazaar, Auction House, or both. Once you have crafted the talisman, press the “exclude from recommended” button.

You can also use the “Accessory Information” page to find all of the recipes and information about each talisman. Good luck!